Church Family Portrait & Directory Program

We are Brad & Kristyn Bireley, a
Christian family. We will bring all
the amenities of an upscale
photography studio to your
church and provide high quality
portraits of your families at very
reasonable prices. We take
special care with each portrait,
and will refund to anyone all
monies paid if they are not fully

Don't think your church is too
small. You do not have to get a
church directory. We will still
come to photograph your church

We will photograph your families,
children individually, brothers &
sisters together, Grandparents, &
any other combination the
families would like.

Families will then be able to view
the previews immediately
following their  photo session
and place their order. Payment is
required at this time. We accept
cash or checks.

Families will have their finished
portraits in about 2-3 weeks after
the portraits are photographed.
We will deliver all of your
churches family portraits to one
person in your church for them to
distribute to everyone. Or we can
ship the portraits directly to the
home of each family. There is a
$7.95 shipping charge for
shipping directly to each home.

You do not have to get a church
directory printed, but, we offer 2
different church directory

Call now for more prices & more